Monday, August 11, 2014

Watches worn by state leaders

USA - President Obama

Jorg Gray - JG6500, retail is around 325 USD.

United Kingdom

I couldn't find out what watch David Cameron wears. But I did find this beauty while searching for it:

RogerSmithGREATBritainWatch-4.jpg LINK
Way to GO, Roger Smith!

France - Francois Hollande 

He is described as wearing a modest wrist watch. He also wears it upside down for some reason.

 His predecessor Sarkozy was the complete opposite. He wears a white gold Patek Philippe worth 55,000 euros.

Germany - Angela Merkel

The most dull looking watch I've ever seen.

I think President Obama has the best wristwatch. Although I wouldn't mind the one made by Roger Smith either. I was a bit surprised. I was thinking everyone would be wearing a Rolex.